The investments made by Chicago Capital Partners follow a simple dictum: invest in companies whose business we understand, are led by a strong management team, and have attractive financial characteristics.

Typically, common traits among these companies will be:

  • Stable, sustainable cash flow
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Attractive competitive position
  • Promising growth prospects
  • High returns on capital employed

We feel that by seeking out these characteristics and making investments in good businesses run by strong management teams and paying attractive prices, our investors have the best opportunity for desirable long-term returns while minimizing the risk of a permanent loss of capital. We also believe that the interests of our investors are more properly aligned with the interests of our underlying portfolio companies as a result of the flexibility afforded by CCP’s holding company structure.

CCP’s perpetual existence (as compared to a typical private equity fund with a finite investment period) naturally lends itself to creating a partnership with our portfolio companies’ management teams to maximize long-term returns. This strategy allows our companies’ managers to have the leeway to manage their business as they see fit and invest in long-term projects with solid return probabilities as appropriate.

In addition, the holding company structure is mindful of business valuation and allows for a ready pool of capital to be available for follow-on investments in existing portfolio companies and new investments in other private companies, as well as opportunistic investments outside of the private company context when appropriate. 

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