Firm Profile

Chicago Capital Partners (CCP) is a diversified, private equity holding company established by Kovitz Investment Group, LLC® (KIG®) to take advantage of private equity investment opportunities. KIG has long followed the investment philosophy pioneered by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, which stresses fundamentals relating to key elements such as cash flow, competitive position, and quality of management. These fundamental considerations are important in both the private and public equity markets.  

CCP was formed to take advantage of private market investment opportunities in companies bearing similar characteristics to those KIG seeks in the public markets. The CCP approach to investing emphasizes capital allocation flexibility, creation of a margin of safety, and a focus on valuation creation.  

CCP investments are predominantly in lower-middle-market private companies, though there is flexibility to invest in alternative opportunities as appropriate. 

Unlike traditional private equity funds with a finite investment period, CCP is a holding company with an indefinite life.  CCP differs from most private equity firms by taking a long-term investment approach with patient capital, making decisions to maximize the long-term value of each investment.  CCP partners with the owners and leadership teams of each investment, aligning our interests, to protect, support and increase the value of the business over the long-term.