Who We Are

Chicago Capital Partners is a diversified, Chicago-based private equity holding company looking to develop long-term business partnerships. 

Our unique structure and investor group allow us to have a long-term hold horizon, focus on building long-term value, and be flexible in structure and investment type as compared to traditional private equity.  

We seek to make equity investments in profitable, well-managed, lower-middle-market businesses looking for a long-term partner.

Investments We Are Seeking

  • Companies seeking an investment of $3 - $12 million of equity capital (typically EBITDA of $2 - $10 million)
  • Primarily controlling interest, will consider minority interest
  • Seller or management team seeking to maintain an equity interest and be a long-term partner with Chicago Capital Partners
  • Companies headquartered in the U.S.
  • Companies with strong financial and competitive position
  • Companies generally in the following industries:
  • Business or Consumer Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution